Improvements To m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY

Please test in Cognos QA and leave feedback for us by posting a comment on this blog page, below. Are the improvements helpful? Are they working properly? [8-sep-2012 This work is in production now.]

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  • Five more options added to the EXTRAS prompt. Now the report can show org and can show project dates.
  • ORG, SPEEDTYPE option added to the SORT prompt.


  • Blank first pdf page fixed. Previously sometimes the first page of pdf output would have only the header and footer.
  • Order of AVAILABLE BALANCE sort fixed. Previously sometimes rows were slightly out of order.
  • CU Marketplace SPO label fixed. Previously CU Marketplace SPO’s were displaying as EN_SPO_CMKT. Now they display as SPO ENCUMBS, like they do in m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY. This is just a change to the label. The dollar amounts are not changed.

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