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Improvements to m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY

Now available for you to test in Cognos QA: a new m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY. It’s just had some minor work done.

CURRENT Prompt Now On The Left


I was explaining this to some of the groups that came to our training a few weeks ago. m-Fin reports that have the CURRENT prompt are not from-and-to reports. They are FY or project to-date reports for FISCAL YEAR AND ACCOUNTING PERIOD. The CURRENT prompt typically controls only one column, the column showing recent activity. So early in the development of m-Fin I choose to position the CURRENT prompt to the right of FISCAL YEAR AND ACCOUNTING PERIOD as a poke in the eye, trying to convey that this is not a from prompt.

Users, however, have been clear with me. The poke in the eye is annoying. It is too unusual to have a prompt on the right that can accept values only equal to or lower than a prompt on the left.

So we are flip-flopping the positioning of these prompts. We have already done this in m-Fin TRIAL BALANCE SUMMARY and now here it is in this new version of m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY.

Facilities And Administration Type In Header

For projects, the header line that displays F and A Rate now also displays F and A Type.


Like other m-Fin reports, m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY now can run for an ORGNODE, such as D0015 — D-EDUC-DEAN OF EDUCATION.


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