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Improvements to m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL

A new m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL is now available for you to test in Cognos QA.

Fit More Data Onto Each Page

  • Less white space per line of data.
  • In PDF, full report headers show only on the first page of each FOPPS.
  • The special subtotals for travel appear only for data from Concur (source code ESE). Rather than getting an unnecessary subtotal line, other sources of travel data are given a slight shading.
  • For the CU Travel card, the special subtotals for travel are at the journal rather than at each journal line.
  • SCRUNCH option. This will trim the length of journal description and the vendor name so that these do not cause cell wrapping. The SCRUNCH option is set on the second page of prompting, available via the Next button.
  • PAYROLL DETAIL option. This is a good space saver if you do not want to see the payroll journals detailed by person.

Improve Flexibility Of Account Code Select

These improvements make account code selection consistent with the interface of the m-Fin ACCOUNT NUMBER report. This interface provides a way of specifying your own custom combinations of account codes and ranges while still facilitating point-and-click selection for the most commonly used ranges.

  • Account Tree Level05 range prompt added.
  • Acct Code prompt upgraded to the Cognos “in range” prompt.

Other Improvements

  • Summarize Prior Data option now fully summarizes prior data into a single line per account code. These are the period -1 lines.
  • Drill on Journal ID
  • Drill on Student Finance data improved.
  • Position number on pay actuals.
  • INVOICE DATE column displays PAY PERIOD END DATE for payroll data and payroll encumbrance data.

More To Come

We have received other good suggestions for m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL that are not implemented in this version. We’ll get to them. I didn’t want to take on too much change in one version. Some of the good ideas that are not in this version are an option to combine transactions from different FOPPS rather than always paging by FOPPS, summarizing travel by trip either with subtotaling or an option to show only one line per trip (helpful for trips that have both CU Travel Card and reimbursements), drilling to old BRS data (data from the old billing and receivables system), optionally selecting data by posted date rather than by fiscal year and accounting period, optionally selecting from/to with day precision rather than just accounting period precision, and optionally sorting payroll detail by name.

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