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Cognos 10.2 Known Issues

There are a few issues with the new Cognos that are being worked on:

  1. Occasionally clicks spin a long time and if the user waits long enough a DPR-ERR-2002 error message displays. We are investigating with high priority. [Wednesday, February 13th 2:45pm: This problem was remedied by a change to Cognos made mid-morning.]
  2. The little red stop sign that displays when available balance is negative in m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY, m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY, and m-Fin BAE BY MONTH – SUMMARY does not render in PDF and MSExcel. We expect to have this solved today or this evening. [Wednesday, February 13th 3:35pm: This is fixed.]
  3. When viewing saved output (saved output is possible to do in your “my folders”) clicking the run button (the sideways blue triangle that takes you to the report’s prompting) does not return. We have a trouble ticket into IBM/Cognos about this issue. As a work-around, run the report instead from your “my folders” using the “run with options” button (it’s on the same line as the report, over on the right).
  4. Public Folders ‎> CU Reporting ‎> Finance ‎> ‪Look Ups > Employee Look Up not working. We expect to have this fixed today. [Wednesday, February 13th 2:45pm: This is fixed.]
  5. m-Fin JOURNAL APPROVER INCOMPATIBLE ACCESS not working. This has been fixed.

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