Changes To The Display Of Travel And Payroll Accounts In m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL

Do you review travel transactions? Do you review actual and encumbrance payroll transactions? Please test the new m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL report available now in Cognos QA. [8-sep-2012 - in production now.] Do the changes make the report better or worse for you?  Post your feedback here on this blog page.


Travel account code transactions are divided into sections titled CONCUR and NON-CONCUR. This makes it clear that the employee subtotals are only for the Concur data. Concur is CU’s system into which employees submit their travel expenses.


In addition (not shown in this example) there are date subtotals when the employee has more than one travel journal on the same date.


Payroll actuals and encumbrances occurring on the same day are sorted by person rather than by journal. This makes the corresponding encumbrance line follow right after its actual pay line.


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