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Boulder Fund 10 72 Pairs

Boulder campus unrestricted net position is booked on fund 10 and 72 speedtype pairs.  Here are some m-Fin reports useful for examining these speedtype pairs:

  • m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY.  This report pages by speedtype.
  • m-Fin ACCOUNT NUMBER.  This report shows actuals only (no budgets or encumbrances).
  • m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER.  This report can subtotal available balance by program.  For this use the subtotaling prompts on the second page of prompting and choose PGM/PROJ.

To see an individual pair you can run for the program code they have in common.

To run for an org or orgnode, enter the 5 character code and then use the second page of prompting to select just funds 10 and 72.

These reports also can be run for a set of speedtypes.  Speedtypes can be searched on the first digit, or the first few digits, along with a part of the description.  To do this use the second Cognos search prompt option:  starts with the first keyword and contains all of the remaining keywords.

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