Welcome to the OnBase Upgrade Information page — your resource for OnBase upgrades at CU!


This page provides highlights, timeline and general information about the latest OnBase upgrade. Please visit the Hyland OnBase 22.1 Community site for more information and additional content.

Who and what will be affected by the upgrade?

  • All OnBase users
  • All system components will be updated including the server & database infrastructure and user clients 

Why upgrade OnBase?

OnBase upgrades provide new functionality, software corrections, security enhancements and compliance updates. Foundation 24.1 is the annual release for 2024.

What actions will I need to take for the upgrade?

  • End users will need to accept the prompt to install the new version if using any desktop clients. No action is necessary if using the web client. 
  • Departmental Certified Administrators will need to install the new version of the OnBase Thick client, Configuration, OnBase Studio and OnBase Unity Management Console once the upgrade is in production. Please refer to the OnBase Training page for these installers. You can install the update over the existing instance.

When will the upgrade take place?

When Foundation 24.1 is released (early 2024) we will upgrade and begin testing in the DMODEV environment. Other environments will be upgraded by July 2024 and a more detailed timeline will be published when available.

Will there be any downtime for this upgrade?

OnBase is not expected to be down during the upgrade, but you may experience a loss of or disconnect of any active sessions.  Please simply wait a moment and reconnect your client.

How often are upgrades provided for OnBase?

Hyland Software provides one major (long term) release version and a few minor releases for OnBase each year. 

Are there any known issues with this version of OnBase?

There are no known issues with version 24.1 at this time.

These issues are expected to be resolved in the 24.1 upgrade.

  • Change to how Unity form layout is adjusted depending on display size (especially panel columns) 
  • Unity form layout issue when using select lists in horizontal panel
  • Unity form multiline textbox "automatically expand height" setting does not have any effect
  • MS Office content is not previewed when importing
  • WorkView data import "test" mode creates records in certain situations
  • Note text does not wrap
  • Unity form rounding errors using roundup() in certain situations
  • Disabling Unity form custom actions doesn't fully disable the custom action in certain situations

OnBase Foundation 24.1 Highlights

End User Updates

  • Better compliance with WCAG 2.0 Accessibility standards

Certified Administrator and Developer Updates

  • Application Builder
  • Document Composition using Workflow properties
  • Workflow Doctor moved to Studio