Welcome to the OnBase Upgrade Information page — your one-stop shop for all information, resources and updates about OnBase upgrades at CU!


This page provides highlights, timeline and general information about the latest OnBase upgrade. Please visit the Hyland OnBase 18 Community site for more information and additional content.

Who and what will be affected by the upgrade?

  • Current OnBase users - all 3000 users
  • All system components will be updated including the Web client, Unity client and Office Integration clients

Why upgrade to OnBase version 18?

OnBase 18 delivers an enhanced user experience with new, modernized interfaces for our Web and Unity clients.  With OnBase 18, you’ll find an enterprise information platform with a range of content services that is more powerful, more configurable and more capable of integrating with your core business applications. This latest release will help your organization become even more agile, efficient and effective.

  • 2000+ Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Support for new browser versions
  • Support for new compliance standards
  • Easier administration and configuration

What actions will I need to take for the upgrade?

  • For End users no actions are necessary. If you use the Unity client and Office Integration clients, they will automatically detect the new version the next time you launch the client and download and install the update.
  • For Certified Administrators it will be necessary to manually install the new OnBase Thick clients, OnBase Studio and OnBase Unity Management Console once we move the upgrade to production. Please refer to the OnBase Training page for these installers. You can install the update over the existing instance.

When will the upgrade take place?

  • Aug. 17: The OnBase DEV environment will be upgraded (DONE)
  • Oct. 6: The OnBase STG environment will be upgraded (DONE)
  • Oct. 6: The OnBase TST environment will be upgraded (DONE)
  • Oct. 7: The OnBase PRD environment will be upgraded (DONE)

How often are upgrades provided for OnBase?

Hyland Software provides one major and one minor upgrade to OnBase each year. The major upgrade is usually released around June and the minor upgrade around December.

Are there any known issues with this version of OnBase?

  • Scan Formats in the Unity client may need to be re-created for a small number of customers after the upgrade. This likelihood of needing to re-create the Scan Format is greater if you use a Panasonic scanner. If you need asssistance with this task please contact the UIS Enterprise Content Services Team.
  • The "Redact as White" note in the Unity client is not functioning. For the time being the "Redact as Black" note can be used instead. This will be addressed in a future update.

OnBase 18 Highlights for End Users

  • Unity Client
    • Performance improvement when loading large documents
    • New "Modern Scanning" functionality - faster more reliable scanning
    • Print functionality is now accessible from the ribbon on the Document tab or directly from the right-click menu in the Unity Client
    • User can now set the default directory when using Send To | File
    • The user interface for Outlook Integration has been updated to reflect the user interface changes made in the Unity client
    • Document Packets now supports Unity Forms
    • Unity Client Reverse Lookup AFKS Window now keep the same size after user resizes
  • Web Client
    • Additional support for Section 508 accessibility
    • Safari 11.1 is fully supported
    • MS Edge fully supported if using Windows 10 versions 1803 or 1709
    • The Web Client now supports Custom Queries and Folder Filters configured to have grouped columns

OnBase 18 Highlights for Certified Administrators and Developers

  • Forms
    • Numerous enhancements to Unity Forms
    • 'Unity Forms' Product Configuration right renamed to 'Forms Designer'
  • Workflow
    • OnBase Studio Performance Enhancements, 64-bit version
    • New Rules and Actions
    • Persistent Properties for all actions
  • Reporting Dashboards
    • Created logical operators for Contains, Begins With, Ends In for Custom SQL data providers in Reporting Dashboards
  • Authentication
    • Identity Provider Service (IdP) now an option
  • Infrastructure
    • Most back-end services are now 64-bit
    • ODBC is no longer required for most back end services, ADO.Net instead
    • Directory Import Processor now supports Keyword Value parsing options
    • Numerous performance and security enhancements