PSC Website

The PSC website contains information on procurement policies, procedures, and instructions, including:

  • Procurement Card Handbook
  • Procurement Rules
  • How to Buys by commodity

Launch the Procurement Card Approving Official Training.

Launch the Procurement Card Cardholder Training.

Procurement Card Application

Online training is required before the Procurement Card can be issued. The Procurement Card application is available on the PSC Forms page.

Expense Delegates

Expense delegates can help reconcile your Procurement Card expenses – as well as your travel expenses – on your behalf. Step-by-Step instructions are available for identifying your delegates.

Your Concur Profile

Your Procurement Card limits, billing address, Approving Official (AO), and default SpeedType are listed under the Expense Information section of your Concur Profile. Refer to the Step-by-Step Guide Working in the Concur Travel & Expense System for further information.

Reconciling Your Procurement Card Expenses

Step-by-Step Guides are available on the Concur – Reconciling Procurement Card Learning Resources page, specifically:

  • Step 1 – Creating the Expense Report
  • Step 2 – Adding Expenses
  • Step 3 – Allocating Expenses
  • Step 4 – Attaching Documents
  • Step 5 – Setting the Approval Flow
  • Step 6 – Submitting Expense Reports

Also, the online course “Concur: Reconciling Procurement Card” is available to guide you (or your delegate) through the process.. 

CU Marketplace

CU Marketplace is the University’s preferred method of procurement for all purchases. Learn more about CU Marketplace>>