External suppliers -- including suppliers who are foreign nationals or foreign entities -- register online through the CU Supplier Portal in order for the University to make payment for goods or services rendered. The CU Supplier Portal is available through the University's eProcurement system, CU Marketplace.

As part of the online registration process, the supplier uploads the appropriate W-9 or W-8 tax document. For foreign suppliers, this will be one of the versions of the IRS W-8 form.

The W-8 Forms on the IRS website are available within the CU Supplier Portal.

We recommend that suppliers use the Portal-generated tax document, as it will pre-populate the information provided during the registration process into the appropriate area of the W-8 form.

To view the versions of the W-8 form, and their instructions, directly on the IRS website, go to www.irs.gov. Click the “Forms & Pubs” tab within the top menu, then select “Current Forms & Pubs” and enter “W-8” into the search field to access the current versions of the W-8. (Or go directly to the W-8 search page at http://apps.irs.gov/app/picklist/list/formsPublications.html;jsessionid=....)

Please note that neither the Procurement Service Center nor the International Tax Office has the legal authority to advise foreign suppliers as to which W-8 form is most appropriate.

For questions about W-8 form requirements, contact the International Tax Office: intltax@cu.edu