CU Marketplace users will notice a new landing page upon logging in. When using the Form Process, a new dashboard will provide key information and guidance that shoppers need to be aware of in order to efficiently procure goods or services from suppliers who do not have established pricing with the university. There will also be new commodity dashboard links across the top of the screen to guide you through the procurement process for each specific commodity.

Guided Buying User Experience Webinar

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Learn how to purchase and pay for items using CU Marketplace.

Requesting a role in CU Marketplace
For a list of training requirements and descriptions of the different CU Marketplace roles, visit the Access & Training Requirements guide.

Logging into CU Marketplace
Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the CU Marketplace tile.

CU Supplier Portal Information

In most cases, external suppliers must register through the CU Supplier Portal in order to be paid by CU. Departments can invite suppliers to register.

Exceptions - The following do not need to register through the Supplier Portal:

  • Study subjects. The study subject's paper W-9 (IRS form) must accompany the Study Subject Payment form to ensure that the individual is correctly set up as Clinical Trial supplier.
  • Reimbursements/refunds.Tax documents are not needed to issue reimbursements (via the Non-Employee Reimbursement-International form) or refunds (via the Payment Authorization form).
  • Stipends and cash awards on the Payment Authorization form. The payee's paper W-9 (IRS form) must accompany the Payment Authorization form.
  • CU employees and CU students are not considered suppliers.

Updating Your Profile

Shopping (Requisitions)

Using Forms

Approving Requisitions

Approving SPO Vouchers

Receiving (Creating Quantity Receipts)

Resolving Match Exceptions

Reporting and Checking Status