No need to copy and paste if you use the Outlook OneNote shortcut.
Learn how to identify and report suspicious emails.
Avoid calendar conflicts with Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant.
Most people know how to take a screenshot of their entire screen using Windows + Print Screen (PrtScn on your keyboard). Your screen will dim for a moment to indicate that you’ve just taken a screenshot, and the image will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshot folder.
Save frequently used text or code in your Windows clipboard history.
Pin your frequently used folders to your File Explorer window or pin common files to their applications.
OneNote is a digital notebook that you can access from anywhere.
Easily share across your devices or with collaborators.
Do you find yourself needing to share an email with your team, but don’t want to start a long, unnecessary email thread? Microsoft Teams has a function that allows you to share an email directly into your Teams channel or chat.
Trying to navigate between too many applications? Find what you’re looking for with ease using this week’s keyboard shortcut.