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Help us improve our services by rating your experience.

The UIS Service Desk is always working to improve the services and support we offer. We especially value hearing from customers immediately after they have needed our help.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to provide feedback. Each time a help ticket is resolved, an email is sent to the customer with a summary of the resolution and this two-second survey.

Pease always take the time to let us know whether you were satisfied with the service we provided. When you click either link, an email will open with a message asking you not to edit the subject line, as it is automatically populated with your Service Request number and the rating you selected. We appreciate receiving comments in the email body about your experience, especially if you have suggestions for improvement. But, if you are pressed for time, you can just hit SEND.

Your feedback helps us identify trends and opportunities for improvement. Our team values all feedback and uses it to generate ideas to better serve you.

If you have suggestions that are not related to a help ticket, please email or call 303-860-HELP (4357).  We appreciate your time and feedback!

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