If you run m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY BY SPEEDTYPE for just a few speedtypes, try m-Fin ACCOUNT TREE ACTUALS BY SPEEDTYPE, available now in CU-Data QA. Like m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY BY SPEEDTYPE, this report presents speedtype data side-by-side for comparison.

Please keep in mind that it's just actuals, so there are no budgets or encumbrances in this report.

While the report can be run for dozens of speedtypes, the appeal of juxtaposing speedtypes by putting them into columns diminishes as the number of speedtypes increases. So try maybe five to ten speedtypes to start to experience this report at its best.

Additional Search Criteria

The report always runs for a set of speedtypes. The additional search criteria prompts are there to facilitate finding desired speedtypes. You can, for example, enter an org code, and select status A — ACTIVE. Then enter, into the speedtype keywords box, the digit indicating your campus and one or two digits for fund code. The search will return only speedtypes that match the pattern and that are activated speedtypes for your org code. This additional search filtering is similar to many other m-Fin reports except that these only help with searching. Additional search criteria values do not affect the final run of the report.

Account Codes Greater Than or Equal To

Renders the report for account number greater than or equal to the number entered.

Account Summary and Subtotaling

The Account Summary and Subtotaling prompt enables user to select the level of detail and subtotals they prefer to see in the report. This prompting is available on the second prompt page, as well as on the report output page when in HTML.

This report is available to you now in the CU-Data QA system. If no problems are found it will migrate to production in a few days. [26-Jan-2018 migrated to production]

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