BUDGET SPENT PCNT, BUDGET BAL BEFORE ENCUMBS PCNT, and BUDGET BAL AFTER ENCUMBS PCNT columns were not calculating correctly and were reporting wrong percentages.
If you are focused on reviewing budget amount by initial continuing, current continuing, initial temporary, and current temporary, please test m-Fin BUDGET STATUS report available in CU-Data QA.
The following twenty reports migrate to production this weekend.
We have added Fund 33, Other Contractual Services, as an option to Fund prompt on the m-Fin RECEIVABLE ACTIVITY report.
Drills from the m-Fin GROSS MARGIN COGS report were returning incorrect dollar amounts. This is now fixed.
We are a few days into CU-Data production upgrade and I briefly wanted to highlight a few differences in user interface between the version we were in (Cognos 11.0.6) versus the version we have upgraded to (Cognos 11.0.11).
CU-Data production is now running in Cognos 11.0.11.
If all goes as planned CU will be running Cognos 11.0.11 in production the week of June 17, 2018. However, this version is currently available for you to test in CU-Data QA.
We have added an optional page subgroup prompt to the m-Fin TRIAL BALANCE TOTAL report. This prompt enables users to subgroup the funds by either org, program, or project.
The CU-Data QA environment is now running in Cognos version 11.0.10.