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Email Content

Email From Information

  • What are send classifications, sender profiles, and delivery profiles?



Login / Password Help


Subject Lines and Preheaders

  • How do I choose a subject line?
  • What is a preheader?
  • Can I add personalized data to the subject line and preheader? (coming soon)
  • How do I add an emoji to my subject line or preheader? (coming soon)


Text Blocks



  • My message ended up in a spam folder. How can I prevent this? (coming soon)
  • How do I fix a broken link in an email I already sent?
  • Are there checklists that can help me do my job better?
  • With what browsers is Marketing Cloud compatible?
  • Why didn’t a contact receive my email? (coming soon)
  • Why can't I send emails from Marketing Cloud? (coming soon)

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