Using Single Sign-On (SSO) for Salesforce with Integrated Online Services.
Wondering how to view your lost leads who have missed appointments with an enrollment navigator? Learn how to access a report with dynamic data that will allow you to identify these leads and respond accordingly.
Hoping to track leads who made initial inquiry appointments but did not attend them? Learn how to track this information on the contact record so you can respond accordingly.
Learn how to view and access lead pipeline dashboards in Salesforce.
Learn how to add or modify your email subject line in Pardot.
Learn how to customize your email sender/from information and reply-to information in Pardot.
Learn how to add files and images to Pardot.
Learn how to access Pardot from Salesforce.
Recent work completed and upcoming work planned for Salesforce, Pardot, Web, Marketing, Enablement, and Vendor Management
Learn how to create a new contact in the Integrated Online Services (IOS) org.