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Check out the many resources available to help you grow into a Marketing Cloud expert at your own pace. We've broken it down into three main phases, proven to set you up for success.
Don't forget to check that your emails display well on mobile devices! Approach email design with mobile in mind then test your work.
Are you giving people with a disability the opportunity to acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services as a person without a disability in an equally effective and equally inclusive manner, with substantially equivalent ease of use?
Creating a good-looking email in Marketing Cloud is one thing, but ensuring it displays well across inboxes is a greater challenge. Learn to apply three best practices when using text blocks to have confidence in how emails display for recipients.
Have you already created and tested an awesome email? Save it as a template to make creating future emails even easier. It's the best way to ensure consistency today and down the road.
Many are familiar with seeing "add to calendar" links in emails. Learn how to do it yourself for a Marketing Cloud email.
Salesforce Dashboards can provide easy-to-understand, quantifiable report metrics utilizing charts and diagrams. When used in combination with other information and your own criteria of success, it will help paint a more complete picture of your outreach efforts.
Learn all about Reporting in the IOS Salesforce. Find templates of common populations available to clone with the option of further customizing and familiarize yourself with our data dictionary to better understand data points that can be leveraged.