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Data Model and Tooling Overview

The variety of campus goals necessitates a robust data model that connects multiple applications and systems.

The core data model to support campus efforts follows the Salesforce Education Data Model, which allows UIS to fully model the data relationships of CU constituents.



UIS has built and supports the following integrations with third-party applications:

  • SIS - Application, enrollment and course data
  • Slate (Denver) - Campus applications
  • Slate (Boulder) - Prospect RFIs and campus applications
  • PharmCAS (Anschutz) - Pharmacy applications
  • NursingCAS (Anschutz) - Nursing applications
  • Collegis - 3rd party call center for lead qualification
  • Salesforce Admissions Connect (Colorado Springs) - Campus applications


UIS provides a variety of additional Salesforce tools to assist campuses with marketing and recruitment:

  • FormAssembly - Forms
  • Drupal - Content management system
  • five9 - CTI functionality
  • Calendly - Calendars and appointment management
  • Mogli SMS - Texting capabilities
  • Collegis Education - 3rd party lead qualification call center

Your specific implementation may only leverage a subset of these applications. Please submit a help ticket if you have further questions.

Data & Flow

Data flows into the IOS Salesforce org through three main buckets.

  • Marketing and Website
    • All leads from RFI forms, paid and organic advertising
  • Pre-Decision Applications
    • All in-progress and submitted applications
  • Post-Decision Applications and Enrollments
    • All Submitted applications with decision information or any active enrollment information.

All information about the lead can be found on the "Contact" object. Any Application and Program Enrollment-related information can be found on the "Application" or "Program Enrollment" objects linked to the Contact. 

IOS Entity Relationship Diagram

Review the detailed data flow.

To learn more about how data is stored and labeled in our Salesforce, click below.

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