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Five9 Update Greeting

1. Use the voice recorder on your laptop to record the message. 

To save the recording in Salesforce, it must be formatted as u-law WAV file.

  • If the file defaults to a M4A file; convert it to a u-law WAV file
  • Save the M4A file on your laptop.
  • Use this website to convert it to a WAV file:
  • Select the output format as u-law WAV (8Khz, Mono, u-law)

2. After you have your recording ready, please go to "Home" - "Settings" - "Greeting" and then delete the existing recording, and upload the new one. You should be able to save it and that’s all!

Settings Detail

Greeting Upload

After you return, you will have to follow the same steps to change it back to your regular message.

 Please note that when we first recorded the message, we only saved it as a regular WAV file format. Since we need to use a u-law WAV file for this function, you must first convert the file using a conversion website such as