Notice: External internet airfare purchases are not allowable during the coronavirus health crisis. See PSC Updates Related to the Coronavirus-Travel.

The University has a managed travel program that includes the Concur Travel & Expense System (Concur) for online domestic/international bookings and Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) for group travel and for domestic/international bookings.

If you are considering purchasing airfare through the internet (instead of booking through Concur/CBT), it’s important that you follow the PSC Procedural Statement Travel to ensure you will be reimbursed for your purchase.

Our travel procedures allow for internet airfare purchases if you demonstrate that there is a cost savings to the University. To demonstrate cost savings, you must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Obtain a comparison quote from Concur prior to the internet purchase;
  • The comparison quote must be for the exact itinerary - same travel dates, times, routes, and airline/s as the planned internet purchase;
  • Total cost of the internet purchase must be less than the Concur quote; and,
  • Purchase must be made using a personal credit card and reimbursement requested after the trip concludes (copy of comparison quote must be attached to the trip expense report).