The non-catalog form in CU Marketplace is used for a supplier that does not have a catalog in the system or for goods/services with a catalog supplier that are not in their catalog. 

From Marketplace, click on one of the commodity dashboards at the top of the page (any commodity will work): 

Scroll down to the Showcases section and select the Non-Catalog Form from CU Purchasing & Payment Forms:

The form will open. Enter the Supplier or click the search icon. Select the appropriate supplier from the list of results, ensuring to select the location that you wish the purchase order to be distributed from using the + icon:

Can't find the supplier/information that you're looking for?

1) If the supplier you wish to purchase from is available in Marketplace but the specific address that you wish to send the Purchase Order to is not listed in the search results, email, requesting that they add a fulfillment address to the supplier - you will need the email address or fax number that you would like the PO to be sent to included in this request, as well
2) If the supplier you wish to purchase from is not available at all, you will need to request them to be added using Requesting a Purchase Order Supplier for the CU Marketplace

Once you verify the supplier information, enter the required information in the General Info section:

1) Not all items (especially services) have a Catalog No. - this is not a required field
2) Enter a Description for the item that details what you are purchasing
3) Even if you are purchasing a service with a defined dollar amount, if you expect multiple invoices, it is helpful for the payment process if you enter the Quantity of invoices that you expect through the period of service - of course, if you are buying goods with a specific quantity you should also detail that here
4) There are a number of unit labels available in Packaging - you can select one of these or leave it at the default EA - Each
5) Note that the system will automatically multiple the Unit Price by the Quantity to arrive at the total PO amount
6) The Commodity Code is the available code in the drop-down menu that most closely matches the goods/services that you are purchasing
7) If there is a known Conflict of Interest, complete and attach a COI form available here

Once the General Info section is complete, you can add any helpful attachments such as a supplier quote in the External Attachments section:

Once the form is completed, use the Available Actions dropdown menu at the top. 1) If this is the only line on your PO, click Add and Go To Cart and 2) if you want to add additional items from this supplier to your PO (such as if you are buying multiple goods), select Add to Cart and Return to add more goods/services:

Once you have added all the lines that you need, to finalize your shopping cart use CU Marketplace: Adding Details to Shopping Carts.