When a requisition is pending approval, it initially appears in a shared approval folder for each SpeedType funding the requisition. Approval folders are shared by every individual with a fiscal role on the SpeedType (except Officer of Fiscal Staff – Report Recipient) who has also been granted CU Marketplace Approver access by her or his department. You can let other Approvers know you are working on a requisition by assigning it to yourself – which moves it from the shared approval folder to your own approval folder (titled My Approvals - Requisitions).

Moving a requisition from your My Approvals - Requisitions folder back to the shared approval folder will allow the other Approvers to work on the requisition.

Read the procedures

  1. Access your assigned shopping carts by using your Action Items list. Click Action Items at the top of your screen and select the appropriate list.

  2. Alternately, you can use the navigation bar on the left side of your screen and go to Orders > Approvals > Requisitions to Approve.

  3. In the My Approvals - Requisitions folder, locate the requisition you would like to return to the shared approval folder.

  4. Check the checkbox, located on the right side of the requisition line.

  5. Use the dropdown menu to select Return to Shared Folder.

  6. Click Go.

  7. The requisition is removed from your My Approvals - Requisitions folder and returned to the shared approval folder. 

    Note that the Assigned Approver field is now Not Assigned.