For Subcontract SPOs that are greater than $25,000 and need to account for F&A, the requisition needs to be set up with 2 PO lines, with account code 492600 pointing to line 1 and 492601 pointing to line 2. This guide shows how to create a 2 line requisition.

Note: This is not to be confused with 2 distribution lines on one PO line.

Read the procedures

  1. Open the form and create the first line. This line will be for account code 492600.

    2. Change the Available Actions (on the top right hand corner) to Add to Cart and Return, click Go.

    3. This will bring up a blank form.  Enter the information for line 2 – this will be for 492601. The SPO Description, Commodity Code, Beginning and End Date and Subcontract Grand Total should all be the same as line 1.

    4. Leave Available Actions as Add and go to Cart then click Go.

    5. Now you should see two lines for this requisition. Click the Add SpeedType/Shipping/etc. button.

    6. Click on the Accounting Codes tab:

    7. On the header line add the SpeedType and account code 492600, then on line 2 click the edit button (on the right of the line) and change the account code to 492601.

    8. Submit the requisition.

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