The payment voucher form in CU Marketplace is used for specific one-time payments to suppliers as noted in the PSC Procedural Statement

From the homepage in Marketplace, click on Catalogs, and then one of the commodity dashboards at the top of the page (any commodity will work): 

Scroll down to the Showcases section and select the Payment Voucher Form from CU Purchasing & Payment Forms:

The form will open. Enter the Supplier under Payment Information or click the search icon. Select the appropriate supplier from the list of results, ensuring to select the location the purchase order should be distributed from using the + icon:

Can't find the supplier/information needed?

1) If the supplier to purchase from is available in Marketplace, but the specific address is not listed in the search results, email, requesting that they add a fulfillment address to the supplier - an email address or fax number will be needed
2) If the supplier is not available at all, they will need to be setup using Requesting a Purchase Order Supplier for the CU Marketplace

Once the supplier information is verified, enter the remaining information in Payment Information:

1) Select the Payee Type
2) Select the Warrant Delivery Code, which indicates how the Warrant (check) should be delivered.
3) If the Warrant Delivery Code is Campus Mail, indicate the campus box it should be delivered to (ex: UCB 436)

NoteRegular Mail delivers the payment to the supplier using the address on the invoice. Campus Mail sends the payment to the requesting department. Enclosure mails the payment to the supplier along with a copy of the attachment added to the Voucher (noted below):

Under Business Purpose:

1) Note why the payment is being authorized, using the Procedural Statement linked in the form
2) Describe the Business Purpose for the payment
3) Read the Certification Statement to verify the payment is in compliance

In the Payment Information:

1) Note the Amount of the payment as noted on the supplier invoice
2) Note the Supplier Invoice #
3) Note the Supplier Invoice Date
4) Select the Commodity Code
5) Click the Add link to attach Internal Documents. Refer to the procedural statement to determine what documentation is required. The documentation must be in an electronic format such as .pdf, .jpg, or .jpeg to be attached.

Only one invoice should be attached per Payment Voucher, and only one Payment Voucher should be added to the shopping cart.

Select Add and Go to Cart at the top right of the form: