Copying requisitions can be used to create repeat purchase requests. It can also be used to resubmit rejected requisitions, if appropriate. However, the copy feature shouldn’t be used to copy punch-out items into a new shopping cart.

Read the procedures

  1. Locate the appropriate requisition using one of the following methods:

    Method 1: Requisition # known

    If you know the requisition #, use the Quick Search, located in the ribbon at the top of the screen.

    Click in the Search box located in the upper right corner of your screen. Then, use the dropdown to select Requisition Number and enter your requisition # in the next field; click Search (magnifying glass).

    Method 2: Requisition # not known

    If you do not know the requisition #, perform a Document Search. Use the navigation bar on the left side of your screen and go to Orders > Search > Requisitions.

    You can search for your requisition by requisition name, among other values by using the Add Filter option. Select your requisition from the resulting list.

  2. Once your requisition is displayed, use the Available Actions dropdown (located next to the Requisition number) to select Copy to New Cart

  3. The items and information from the original requisition are added to a new shopping cart. You can change any of the information in this new shopping cart, including the items, quantities, shipping location, and/or accounting information. Refer to Modifying Shopping Carts for further guidance on changing items and quantities.

  4. We recommend that you enter a unique shopping cart Name to easily identify or search for your shopping cart. 

  5. If ready, the consolidated shopping cart can now be finalized.