When a shopping cart is assigned to an assignee, or Requestor, the shopping cart must be submitted in order for processing to begin. If a Requestor is on vacation or leave, he/she can assign a substitute Requestor to assist with the shopping cart submission. The substitute is able to review the shopping cart assigned to the original Requestor.

Read the procedures

  1. Using your side navigation bar, go to Shop > My Carts and Orders > View Carts.

  2. Click the Assign Substitute link.

  3. From the User Search popup, enter criteria to find the Requestor that you would like to assign as your substitute Requestor. Click Search.

  4. Select the appropriate Requestor by clicking on the Requestor’s name.

  5. The substitute selected now displays in the Current Substitute field. 

    Ending Substitution:
    To end Requestor substitution, click the End Substitution link next to the Current Substitute’s name at the top of the page.