Each shopping cart must have SpeedType and shipping information added before it can be submitted.

Read the procedures

  1. From within the shopping cart, click the Add Speedtype/Shipping/etc. button located in the upper right corner.

  2. A red triangle with an exclamation point highlights where your attention is needed. You can click on the tab to navigate to the section and provide information.

    An error message also displays next to the field missing required information.

    If you have set a Ship To default in your profile, you only need to come here if you want to change your default shipping address for this SPO.

  3. Click the edit or pencil button to the right of the Ship To field.

  4. Use the dropdown to select from addresses in your profile.

    Or, search for a different shipping address by using the Search addional option. Select the appropriate address from the resulting list.

  5. Enter the attention (ATTN) and room/floor/suite (RM/FL/STE) information and click the Save button.

    Due to space limitations on the supplier’s side, enter the ATTN and RM/FL/STE information as concisely as possible.

    These fields can be used to enter other pertinent delivery information but keep in mind that the field truncates differently for different suppliers. Be brief!

    Accounting Codes

  6. Scroll down to the Accounting Codes section.

  7. Click on the Required field link or the edit button to enter or search for the SpeedType and Account.

  8. Enter the appropriate SpeedType using one of the following methods:

    • If you have set your SpeedType Profile, click the Code favorites or heart icon link to access your SpeedType list.
    • Type the SpeedType and click the recalculate/validate values link to return the corresponding Fund, Org, Program or Project value values.
    • If needed, click the Search or magnifying glass icon to search for the SpeedType using the Custom Field Search.

    You can search by all or part of the SpeedType number (value) or description.

    If appropriate, you can split the accounting distribution for your requisition between more than one SpeedType and/or more than one Account code.
  9. Type the Account, or click Search or magnifying glass icon to search for the account using the Custom Field Search

  10. Click the Save button.

  11. Edit the Internal Notes and Attachments tab, if needed, to add notes to someone other than the supplier, such as the PSC purchasing agent or your financial approver.

  12. Edit the External Notes and Attachments tab, if needed, to add notes to or documents to be dispatched to the supplier with your resulting PO.

    Adding Financial Report Comments Each line item of your purchase will appear on your financial report. The Transactions on Your Financial Statements details how each item will appear.

    You can add a comment to your financial report for the line item. To do this:

    1. Scroll down to the Supplier/Line Item Details section.
    2. Locate the item to which you want to add a comment; click Edit or pencil icon to the right of the item.
    3. Enter the comment – up to 30 characters – into the Financial Report Comments field and click the Save button.

  13. Click the Assign Cart or Submit Order button (depending on your access) located in the upper right corner.

  14. A congratulatory message will appear, along with a summary of your requisition.