Do you want to know the payment status of a Non-Employee Reimbursement that was processed in the Concur Travel & Expense System? If you processed the Non-Employee Reimbursement and just want to know if it has paid, look it up in Concur following the procedures on this page.

If you were not the person who created the Non-Employee Reimbursement or if you want to know details about the payment, see FIN How-to: Looking Up Non-Employee Reimbursements.
• To look up the status of a reimbursement processed using the Non-Employee Reimbursement International (NRI) form, see FIN How-to: Looking Up PAs and NRIs.

  1. In Concur, click on the Expense tab.
  2. The next screen will default to Manage Expenses. Only Active Reports will appear in the default view. To view approved reports, use the Report Library.
  3. If you submitted the Non-Employee Reimbursement report within the last 90 days, it will display in this list. You can pull up older reports by clicking View and click on the options drop down link to widen your search..
  4. Look at the Payment Status: Paid or Not Paid. 
    Remember that payments to non-employees are made by warrant, not by direct deposit. The check is mailed to the address identified on the header of the Concur expense report.
    • If a report is marked Paid but the non-employee has not received a check, you can contact FinProHelp for clarification.
    • Or, if you have access to the Finance System and want to look up details like the check number, Payment Date, Payment Amount, and whether the check has been cashed, you can look it up following these procedures.

Can’t find the information you’re looking for in Concur?
If you were not the individual who processed the request, you won’t be able to look it up in Concur. Instead, use the Finance System to look up the information. You’ll need to know the payee’s name as entered in Concur. 
If you were the individual who processed the request, pull up older reports in the Report Library by clicking View and widening your search.

A duplicate reimbursement report was submitted, how should it be fixed?
If it has not yet been approved, recall the report then delete it.
If Payment Status is “Approved” but not yet “Paid”, or if duplicate payment has already been paid, contact the Finance & Procurement Help Desk for assistance.

Want to confirm where the check was sent?
Checks are sent to the address entered on the header of the Non-employee Expense report in Concur. Open the expense report and click Details > Report Header. If the address is incorrect and needs to be changed, see Warrant Adjustment.

Was the check sent to the wrong address or concerned the check is lost?
First, make sure the check has not been cashed. Then, complete the Warrant Adjustment form to cancel and reissue the check.

Was the payee name or amount incorrect?
Complete the Warrant Adjustment form to cancel the check. In Concur, submit a new non-employee reimbursement report using the correct details and submit for processing.