As a delegate, you can remove delegators from your delegation list when you no longer need to act on their behalf.

Deleting inactive employees from your delegation list will eliminate your access to that person’s expense reports.

If you have 25 or more delegators to remove, you can instead submit the Delegate Authorization (DA) form. You can also use the DA form to delete delegators by HR org number.

Read the procedures

  1. Select your Profile menu in the upper right corner of your screen and click Profile Settings. Click Expense Delegates (left-side menu), then select the Delegate For tab.
  2. A list of your delegators will appear here.  Select the appropriate individual using the checkbox to the left of the individual’s name and click Delete.
  3. You will receive a pop-up message for verification. To remove the delegator from your list, click OK. A message will appear confirming your delegator has been removed from your list.

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