September was a busy month for many folks on the SET team. Whether it was sending communications from Marketing Cloud or managing events through Cvent, this team was hard at work. Take a moment to look back at all you have accomplished this month and look into the latest SET news.
Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference, is just around the corner. While the San Francisco-based conference is sold out, you can still participate in the excitement. Tune in during November 6-9 via Salesforce Live for access to virtual content. Additionally, you can learn more about this major tech event by catching up on the highlights from Dreamforce '16 on the Salesforce blog.
Interested in getting up-to-date information on the latest news for SET? Look no further than the new SET Team Chatter group in Salesforce.
Ensuring continuity between engagement touch points with constituents is imperative. For that reason, many universities are turning toward campus-wide customer relations management (CRM) solutions. Learn more about how a campus-wide CRM system can be leveraged in an informational webinar. Additionally, check out a recent blog post on measurements and learning.
Does your office or department leverage social media for communication and engagement? If so, these Salesforce resources may contain helpful information for you and your team. "By 2017, 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator," (Gamer 2016) so keeping up with best practices is important.
May was an exciting month for the System eComm Team (SET)! Cvent statistics highlighted the incredible work that eComm users have made. Not only that, but we launched a new project management tool, TaskRay. This Salesforce app is our new communication and organization channel for all things SET. From collaboration to reporting, TaskRay will enable us to streamline and track our work.
At the May user group meeting, TaskRay was rolled out as the SET project management tool. This Salesforce app is both user-friendly and a great way to communicate with Kate. If you're interested in learning more about the functionality of TaskRay, register for their upcoming webinar and view the notes from their 2017 new feature release.
Interested in learning more about Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA)? This webinar covers the way that Salesforce approaches data architecture specific to higher ed. Scalability, use cases for leveraging data, and information about additional HEDA resources are also presented.
March was an exciting month for the System eComm Team (SET)! We not only kicked off our SET user group meetings, but also rolled out new support models and great resources.
SET is all about leveraging eComm tools to streamline workflow and keep communications organized. For this reason, we use TaskRay within Salesforce as the primary channel of communication between you and your eComm Specialist. Each and every eComm communication or event is assigned it's own task within TaskRay.