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SET Upate | SET Chatter Group

Interested in getting up-to-date information on the latest news for SET? Look no further than the new SET Team Chatter group in Salesforce. It's the best place to go for the 411 on updates, notifications, and announcement for the SET team. 

SET Team Chatter Group


The Chatter group contains all of the SET team members. You can find this group by searching for - you guessed it - "SET Team." Kate will use this chatter group to quickly let the SET team know about maintenance updates or service degradation. Friendly reminders about Coffee with Kate or User Group Meetings may also be posted on this channel. 

Additionally, this chatter group will serve as a platform for the SET team to collaborate. Feel free to post questions, share resources, or reach out to other members. Simply type the "@" sign followed by "SET Team" and the group should pop up in the menu below your cursor. Selecting the group works the same as selecting a person. Here is a preview of the chatter group:

SET Team Chatter Group Preview

Happy posting!



Questions? Reach out to Kate via TaskRay.