Migration to QA

Need an accounting summary that also shows CU Foundation available amounts? Try m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY FUND 34.
m-Fin FISCAL ROLES now has a search prompt for employee.
Seven reports - three new and four improved - have been migrated to Cognos QA.
Try out the new m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL in Cognos QA. We have added more project attributes to the header display, and also to the dataset output (MSExcel 2007 data and csv).
Usually it’s hard to use a list of position numbers that doesn’t show the names of the people that are in the positions. So when we created the m-Fin POSITION BUDGET report we made it display the ID and name of each position’s current incumbent. This is important to understand when you have positions that have been occupied by different people over time. The report is just identifying the *current* incumbent in order to cue the reader which position is which.
Faster run times. Fewer clicks. Fund multi-select. These are the motivators behind our newest version of m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY.
We've added a speedtype prompt. It works like the single speedtype mode in m-Fin TRIAL BALANCE SUMMARY. Type in a speedtype and hit the enter key. The report runs. The SPEEDTYPE prompt then also appears on the html output page. Use it to run another speedtype when you are ready...
Improvements to m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY are ready for you to test in Cognos QA: [15-May-2014 Migrated to production.]...
Need a one-line-per-speedtype report that shows total direct expenditures and F-and-A expenditures for the Fiscal Year? We've enhanced m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY with an EXTRAS option for this. Try it out in Cognos QA. [15-May-2014 Migrated to production]...