Migration to QA

We've improved the m-Fin trial balance reports, making changes corresponding to what we've done recently in the m-Fin revenue-and-expenditure reports.
We've fixed m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL so that it runs for all selected funds.
Project accountant is now available in the EXTRAS in m-Fin SPEEDTYPE LIST.
We've revamped m-Fin TREE ZOOM.
m-Fin OUTSTANDING ENCUMBRANCES sometimes would fail to return dataset output.
Now you can summarize m-Fin R&E reports to account tree level05.
We have fixed the level 6 drilling in m-Fin EXPENDITURE ACTUALS BY MONTH - TOTAL.
We've improved the performance of m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL.
Four columns have been added to the dataset output for m-Fin PAYROLL FISCAL YEAR DETAIL.
Need an accounting summary that also shows CU Foundation available amounts? Try m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY FUND 34.