Archive February 2012

Until now, most m-Fin reports could not run for more than one Project ID or Org code at a time. Multiple Speedtypes could be entered but we had not extended this capability to the other less commonly used prompts, the alternative to speedtypes, the FOPPS prompts.

The work-around - multiple values supported indirectly

To run for multiple projects we advised a work-around. Find the speeedtypes and run for those instead. The m-Fin prompting facilitates this because it can find speedtypes for FOPPS values.
One new report and small changes to two existing reports migrated to the Cognos production environment last night.
Period zero accounting entries are created by CU's PeopleSoft financial system with annual processing known as rollforward. Period zero accounting entries are balances as of the beginning of the fiscal year - the net of the previous accounting activity. Multi-year projects typically get period zero entries. General Fund programs typically do not. Most m-Fin reports simply fetch all the data for the FY and sum it. If there are period zero entries this summing yields project-to-date balances instead of FY-to-date balances.