Archive January 2012

Work with clinical trials? Like m-Fin PAYMENTS RECEIVED but want just a single summary line for each project in an org? Try the new m-Fin PAYMENTS RECEIVED ORG OVERVIEW available now in Cognos QA. It's not for everybody. It's just for those of you responsible for all clinical trials within an org, when you want something more concise than a detail listing of each payment received.
This migration will occur this evening. It includes two new reports and a change to m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.

Two New Reports

These reports have been gestating in Cognos QA for a while. Now they arrive in Cognos production.
    Today these m-Fin reports migrate from the Cognos QA environment to Cognos production.
    • m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL Bug fix. Drilling to JE now works when in SCRUNCH mode.
    You have billed your granting agency for a part of a Clinical Trial. Do you need to see if payment has been received? Please test m-Fin PAYMENTS RECEIVED available to you now in Cognos QA. If you have feedback please leave a comment below. This report lists non-cash transactions having source code AR (or code S01 if you are looking back a few years). This also is known as payments paid and applied. Reports Going Away

    If you are one of the handful of people that used the cms "Denver CIW" K Exhibit report, you are invited to test the m-Fin K EXHIBIT report now available in Cognos QA. This report is for grant oriented users, showing project net assets as of the beginning of the fiscal year and then subsequent revenues and expenditures, sorting and subtotaling by codes that represent granting agencies.