Archive September 2012

About a year ago we released the m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY report. The report was set to show only the amounts directly impacting a speedtype's available balance. Now we are increasing the flexibility of the report to make it useful for purposes beyond just available balance. There are three new prompts for
We've added an optional prompt to m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL that can subgroup the funds by either org, program, or project. This functionality helps me win over a few more FishNet users.
Continuing our FishNet replacement work, we now have m-Fin ACCOUNT TREE LIST available for you to test in Cognos QA. [23-OCT-2012 This report is in production now.] Look for it in Public Folders > CU Reporting > Finance > Look Ups.
The following m-Fin reports are migrating from Cognos QA to Cognos production this weekend:
  1. m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL. Changes to the display of travel and payroll accounts.
  2. m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY. Improvements.