Archive September 2011

To migrate means to move from one environment to another. Like from the Cognos QA (testing) environment to production. Seven m-Fin reports migrate to Cognos production today.
OUC is offering training to assist with the transition from the Denver Web Reports. This training is available during the month of October. It is demonstration style, rather than hands-on lab. Come see the m-Fin reports in action, and how to use them to get similar data. Give us feedback.
Most m-Fin reports render PDF in landscape orientation. A few do not, however, such as m-Fin OUTSTANDING ENCUMBRANCES. You can override this.
m-Fin ACCOUNT RANGE BY FUND has been revised in order to make it a more suitable replacement for the Denver site's AM053 Curr Funds Rev, Exp, Changes report. This new version of the report is available for you to test in Cognos QA [23-sep-2011 this report is in production now].

    Want to see actual expenditures put into columns by month? Today three new m-Fin reports arrive in Cognos QA for this purpose. I invite you to test them. For you project people let me say right away that none of these cross fiscal years, but this is a good start nevertheless.