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SUMMARY reports summarize to speedtype/FOPPS. TOTAL reports summarize to fund. Example: Run m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY for a set of speedtypes. You get one page for each speedtype. Run m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL for the same set of speedtypes. You get a page for each fund and then a final page summing all funds. SUMMARY reports keep speedtypes separate. TOTAL reports do not.
Finance and Procurement Business Services (FPBS) is a unit in my office, the OUC. FPBS maintains documentation about what reports are available and how to run them, known as Step-by-Step Guides & Other Learning Resources.
FishNet was a query system created by CU to deliver CIW data. Now CU is working on retiring Fishnet, transitioning the remaining users to Cognos reports. For FishNet's financial queries this will be Cognos m-Fin reports. The first FishNet query we have addressed is PAY DETAIL BY DEPT ID OR EMPLOYEE ID.

Let us know if these m-Fin reports will work for you

The new report m-Fin JOURNAL ENTRY APPROVER INCOMPATIBLE ACCESS shows JE's having the same approver as creator. It is something like the pre-m-Fin Cognos Journal Entry Incompatible Access report, but works better with today's web browsers, and works better for searching the new style CU PeopleSoft user ID's. This report is used mostly by your campus Accounting/Controller offices. It has been in Cognos QA for a while and will migrate to Cognos production this week.
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The PO number has been missing on our ACTUALS transactions that pay SPO's from CU Marketplace. This is not a problem for any totaling in m-Fin reports. The PO number simply has been absent for display in the m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL report. We intend to fix this CIW GL data problem this weekend.
I should have mentioned this sooner, but better late than never: The five additional reports with Activity Prompts migrated to production the evening of Thursday, May 24th, 2012.