Archive May 2011

We are working on adding an Employee ID prompt to m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY. A run for an employee id will return all speedtypes for which the employee id has any fiscal role. As with FOPPS codes, the Employee ID prompt will also filter Speedtype searches, for when you want to pick and choose speedtypes to run.
Some programs need to total amounts across multiple fiscal years. This can happen when a program is set up as a companion to a project, or for an auxiliary program such as 62048029 -- SOM-DEAN CTR STUDIES CLIN EX that acts as a service center for clients external to CU.

What m-Fin offers for this today:

  • run m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDIURE SUMMARY once for each needed fiscal year.

Princess Fiona: Shrek? I'm... I'm worried about the old Outstanding Encumbraces, he doesn't look so good...

Shrek: What?

Today a new version of the m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY migrated to Cognos production.  This is just a bug fix really - now it is consistent in deciding whether the Budget and Actuals columns should be displayed.
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