Tips and Tricks

Some m-Fin reports have quite a few EXTRAS. Our new saveset buttons are intended to help.
Need to select actuals transactions for a project with precision to the day? Use Project Reports > m-Fin PROJECT ACTUALS DETAIL.
Problem: You are in Cognos browsing the folders. You click on a report name intending to run it. You get a mostly blank screen. You are running Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE). Solution: Use MSIE's Compatibility view...
Here are some tips and tricks for the Cognos search prompt.
Want to keep the column headers on screen when scrolling down a long list?
Getting frustrated trying to drill from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL?
Drills offered in m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL

    SUMMARY reports summarize to speedtype/FOPPS. TOTAL reports summarize to fund. Example: Run m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY for a set of speedtypes. You get one page for each speedtype. Run m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL for the same set of speedtypes. You get a page for each fund and then a final page summing all funds. SUMMARY reports keep speedtypes separate. TOTAL reports do not.
    Here is a translation for some of the abbreviations used in account code descriptions.
    Looking for an m-Fin report that seems to have gone missing? Perhaps it is simply on the next page. The Cognos environment that lists the available reports is called Cognos Connection. Its default is to show up to 15 items at a time. When there are more than 15, paging controls in the upper right become active. Use these controls to advance though the list or temporarily change the size of the list.