Tips and Tricks

Our current version of the CU-Data software, Cognos 11.0.6, allows users to make either copies or report views of m-Fin reports. You should make report views, not copies. Here is why.
On a prompt page? This is not a good time to select a different output format.
Some m-Fin reports have quite a few EXTRAS. Our new saveset buttons are intended to help.
Need to select actuals transactions for a project with precision to the day? Use Project Reports > m-Fin PROJECT ACTUALS DETAIL.
Problem: You are in Cognos browsing the folders. You click on a report name intending to run it. You get a mostly blank screen. You are running Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE). Solution: Use MSIE's Compatibility view...
Here are some tips and tricks for the Cognos search prompt.
Want to keep the column headers on screen when scrolling down a long list?
Getting frustrated trying to drill from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL?
Drills offered in m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL

    SUMMARY reports summarize to speedtype/FOPPS. TOTAL reports summarize to fund. Example: Run m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY for a set of speedtypes. You get one page for each speedtype. Run m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL for the same set of speedtypes. You get a page for each fund and then a final page summing all funds. SUMMARY reports keep speedtypes separate. TOTAL reports do not.