Archive May 2013

planetPGM CODE and PROJ ID have been added to the m-Fin FISCAL ROLES SPEEDTYPE FISCAL STAFF report. This enhancement was suggested by Jason Feickert from Boulder campus Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, to help when working with large org or orgnode runs in MSExcel output formats. Cognos QA testing is underway. [18-Jun-2013: This is in production now.]
new_extras_daffy_duckTwo more data elements have been added to the EXTRAS prompt in m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY: PROJ ID and PROJ SPONSOR AWARD CODE. This change is available to you now for testing in Cognos QA. [18-Jun-2013: This is in production now.]
yet_another_birdThis week the new m-Fin payroll reports migrate from Cognos QA to Cogonos production. Thanks for testing!