Cognos Reporting System Training

Getting Started

Before you can use the Reporting System, you must be granted access to the Cognos m-Fin Reports. After you receive access, you then login to the reporting system via your campus portal.

Once you are logged in, the following resources may help you navigate the Cognos Reporting System.

m-Fin Reports

Monthly Financial Report Review Reports

  • m-Fin SpeedType Summary - Shows the available balance as of the close of business for the previous business day.
  • m-Fin Operating Summary - Shows the SpeedType Summary available balance calculation. Also includes the Revenue and Expenditure Summary, and additionally an Asset and Liability Summary if it is relevant to financially managing the FOPPS.
  • m-Fin Outstanding Encumbrances - Shows an itemized list for all financial expenses committed but not yet occurred for a given SpeedType.
  • m-Fin Financial Detail - It shows an itemized list of all transactions for revenue/expense and balance sheet accounts. Can be used in the reconciliation process.
  • m-Fin Abnormal Balance - Shows either a Resource Deficit Report or an Abnormal Account Balance Report, or both. The Resource Deficit Report displays SpeedTypes with either a negative cash balance or positive net assets, and the Abnormal Account Balance Reports shows accounts with abnormal balances (i.e., debit accounts with credit balances or credit accounts with debit balances).

Revenue and Expenditure Reports

Expenditure Type Reports

  • m-Fin Expenditure Type Summary - Shows a summary by expenditure types (salaries and wages, benefits, operating expenses, and travel) for a given SpeedType.
  • m-Fin Expenditure Type - Shows summarized expenditure categories within a fiscal year, subtotaled by org and grouped by fund.
  • m-Fin Expenditures Cumulative by Month Charts - Shows summarized expenditure categories by month within a fiscal year, by SpeedType, Program, or Project, in the following graphs: Budget Minus Encumbrances and Prorated Budget.

Balance Sheet Reports

  • m-Fin Balance Sheet Summary - Shows the summarized balances for balance sheet accounts (assets, liabilities, and net assets). Provides page breaks by SpeedType.
  • m-Fin Balance Sheet Total - Shows the summarized balances for balance sheet accounts (assets, liabilities, and net assets). Provides page breaks by fund.

Trial Balance Reports

Account Number Reports

Payroll Reports

Payments Received Reports

Budget Reports

  • m-Fin Budget to Actual - Shows a traditional budget-actual-encumbrances report with one line per SpeedType, and can separate the continuing and temporary budget for each SpeedType.

Specialized Reports

  • m-Fin Accounting Summary Report - Shows the net assets and liabilities at the beginning of the fiscal year, and subsequent revenues and expenditures. Also shows current cash balance.
  • m-Fin Audit Trail - Shows a summation of account code balances for SpeedTypes for specified funds.
  • m-Fin Journal Entry Approver Incompatible Access - Shows journal entries having the same approver as creator, run by user.
  • m-Fin K Exhibit - Shows a project's net assets as of the beginning of the fiscal year and then subsequent revenues and expenditures, sorting and subtotaling by codes that represent granting agencies.
  • m-Fin NACUBO Expense Purpose - Shows the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) groups for each program and project.

m-Fim Prompt Pages

Entering SpeedTypes/FOPPS Components

m-Fin Look-Ups

Org Look-Ups

Account Look-Ups