The Office of University Controller is responsible for assuring that the fiscal practices of the University comply with regent policies and other external and internal rules and regulations, including University Fiscal Procedures (see below) and generally accepted accounting principles.

University Fiscal Procedures

By statute (section 24-30-202, C.R.S.), a state institution of higher education may be exempt from the state fiscal rules if it has adopted fiscal procedures that provide adequate safeguards for the proper expenditure of the institution’s monies. The University President adopted such Procedures – which govern transactions and media involving the commitment or expenditure of University resources – in 2010.

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University Accounting Handbook

The OUC developed the University Accounting Handbook to provide instruction to organizational units on how to comply with University Administrative Policy Statements (APS) and other University, State, and Federal regulations. These procedures cover the areas of finance, recording, reporting, etc. They were begun in 2012.

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