m-Fin is a set of CU management financial reports created in CU’s Cognos software. I use m-Fin Blog to communicate about the m-Fin reports.
m-Fin is reporting "no data found" for balance sheet data. Sarju and I are fixing this problem today.
We expect that PSLite will no longer work when CU moves to PeopleSoft 9.2 in November 2015.
Boulder campus unrestricted net position is booked on fund 10 and 72 speedtype pairs.
Problem: You have filled in some prompts to run an m-Fin report but the Finish button does not work.
Fix Pack 4 applied to Cognos QA
Cognos sometimes has been slow or timing out loading reports.
m-Fin Blog has moved to a new software platform. Resubscribe.
CU is now running Cognos 10.2.1 in production. My thanks to UIS/IRM’s Molly Doyle for doing so much to ensure a smooth production upgrade, and I know there are others in UIS who are backing her up, making her look good. Thanks also to OUC’s Sarju Khadka and Ryan Day for testing and troubleshooting.
If you have saved links to Cognos that go to “mod2″, these links will no longer work after this week. You will instead get a (useless) message asking if you want to open or save the file: