m-Fin is a set of CU management financial reports created in CU’s Cognos software. I use m-Fin Blog to communicate about the m-Fin reports.
There is a problem with the links from the CU Portal to the Cognos 11 system.
There is a payroll encumbrance data issue.
Earlier this morning the data warehouse, and therefore m-Fin, had duplicate September payroll detail lines. This problem is fixed now.
OUC is working with the campus controllers to resolve a data problem with projects that have multiple activity ID's.
We are having trouble with the performance of m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL today, and are troubleshooting.
m-Fin now accepts project id's that were set up before CU's current specification for id's.
Here are ways to see PET's in m-Fin.
Does m-Fin still say your speedtype is inactive when you know it was activated recently? You may want to advance the effective date.
The four m-Fin reports that use CU Foundation balances are not showing these balances for accounting period 996.