Archive November 2013

The following reports have migrated from Cognos QA to Cognos production:
  2. m-Fin POSITION BUDGET. Double-quote fix.
  3. m-Fin ABNORMAL BALANCE. Double-quote fix.
  4. m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY. Double-quote fix.
m-Fin provides five reports that have the classic revenue and expenditure summarization to individual account codes: (1) m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY (2) m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY (3) m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL (3) m-Fin TRIAL BALANCE SUMMARY...
Here is an m-Fin report that can summarize a single account code, or any from-to range of account codes, showing total actuals for each accounting period across all fiscal years since 2000. You could use it to look at the monthly 000100 -- CASH balance on a clinical trial, like this:
Cash balances Historical cash balances

The following report migrate to production this weekend from Cognos QA: m-Fin BALANCE SHEET SUMMARY. Double-quote fix.
abacusIf you run m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY for just a few speedtypes try m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY BY SPEEDTYPE, available now in Cognos QA. [18-Nov-2013 This report is in production now.] It follows the same fundamental accounting formula but:
  • is not as highly summarized
  • puts the speedtypes into columns
  • adds speedtype total budget information
bird_in_treeThe following reports migrate to production today from Cognos QA:
  • m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.  Double-quote fix.
  • m-Fin ACCOUNT NUMBER.  Double-quote fix.
  • m-Fin ACCOUNT RANGE BY FUND.  Double-quote fix.
  • m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY.   Double-quote fix.