Archive June 2013

ATOZSORTThe following changes have been made to m-Fin PAYROLL ACCOUNTING PERIOD in Cognos QA:
  1. Better performance when running large sets of speedtypes (e.g. 150).
  2. New page that reports the data sorted by employee.
The report will remain available for testing until after FY 2013 Final Close. [Migrated to prodution 11-AUG-2013.]
  1. The new versions of m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY and m-Fin FISCAL ROLES have migrated to production.
  2. The seven reports with improved input validation will migrate to production this week.
lightingboltWe have put the improved input validation into the following reports and they are ready to test in Cognos QA. [19-Jun-2013 migrated to production.]
  2. m-Fin BALANCE SHEET TOTAL.  We have not put a validator on the FUND prompt.  It did not work well for this particular type of prompt.