Migration to Production

We are fixing m-Fin SPEEDTYPE LIST's page-by feature.
Here are several reports that are specifically for running by org code.
We are adding saveset buttons to m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY.
We have added PROJ ACCOUNTANT NAME as an optional column in three more Cognos m-Fin reports.
m-Fin POSITION BUDGET II now has optional prompting for account tree level05 or level06.
We've made two small improvements to m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER, for cash and sorting.
Sometimes drills from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL to m-Fin PET were incorrectly returning "no data found." This is fixed now.
m-Fin ACCOUNT NUMBER now has an EXTRAS option to include EPC.
m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY's JUN column was not including 996 and 997 transactions. This is fixed now in Cognos QA and will be in production shortly.
The new versions of m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS and m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY have migrated to production.