Archive April 2012

We have configured Cognos so that
  1. timeout occurs after 60 minutes of inactivity, and
  2. if timeout occurs, entering your login credentials will cause Cognos to resume working without loss of context.
I confirmed this following the steps described below. If your experience is different from mine, please let me know by leaving a reply on this blog post (not an e-mail reply, but rather come into the blog and use the Post Comment button at the bottom of this post). I entered Cognos via the CU Portal as shown here.
Here is a translation for some of the abbreviations used in account code descriptions.
The following changes migrated to production over the weekend. These changes are to identify standing purchase orders (SPO's) from CU Marketplace:
  1. EN_SPO_CMKT. CU Marketplace standing purchase orders now are identified with BAE CODE EN_SPO_CMKT in the CIW GL database. If you have CU Marketplace SPO's, you will notice this new code on the transactions in m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.