Archive February 2013

purple_birdsTuesday evening, February 26th, the following five reports migrate from Cognos QA to Cognos production:
  1. m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY. Fund 34, fund 35, and pdf page header changes.
  2. m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY. Fund 34 and fund 35 changes.
This evening a fix migrates to production that should prevent Cognos from reprompting for login credentials as it sometimes has been doing.  This is for the Public Folders and My Folders links, under REPORTING in the CU Resources tab in your campus portal - the two links from portal to Cognos (see  Clicking either of these links should take you directly into Cognos without having to log on again.
microscopeRecently the available balance calculation for m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY was changed for fund 34 and fund 35. Now corresponding changes have been made to m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY and m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY. Once these two pass testing we'll move all three of these reports to production together.
In m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS and m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY there is a last section that summarizes by pay period end month rather than by journal month. This distinction is for retroactive PET's (payroll expense transfers). Summarizing by pay period end month puts retroactive PET's into their prior months.
sunset_birdsThe Cognos QA version of each of these three m-Fin reports migrates to production this weekend.
  2. m-Fin PAYMENTS RECEIVED ORG OVERVIEW. Data selection logic changed.
There are a few issues with the new Cognos that are being worked on:
  1. Occasionally clicks spin a long time and if the user waits long enough a DPR-ERR-2002 error message displays. We are investigating with high priority. [Wednesday, February 13th 2:45pm: This problem was remedied by a change to Cognos made mid-morning.]
This weekend, Feb 8-10, 2013, we are upgrading CU to Cognos version 10.2. This was originally to occur a few months ago, but was delayed due to problems found in testing that now have been resolved. This new version of Cognos gets us
Now m-Fin ORG TREE LIST has an EXTRAS prompt for adding Fiscal Principal and Officer columns to the report. This is available to you now for testing in Cognos QA. [Migrated to production 25 Feb 2013.]  This report resides in the Look Ups subfolder under the Finance folder.
Responsible for maintaining fiscal role assignments? Try m-Fin FISCAL ROLES. It's a new alternative to old Cognos Look Ups > Fiscal Roles Look Up report. Here is what the m-Fin report has that the old report does not:
  • SPD FSTAFF ROLE CODE. This is the A, R, or B indicator on speedtype fiscal staff (Approver, Reviewer, Both).
We've made the following improvements to m-Fin POSITION BUDGET. If you have been using this m-Fin report please try this new version in Cognos QA [Migrated to production 25 Feb 2013] so that you'll be familiar with the changes when they show up in production. As always, if you have feedback for us leave a comment here on this blog post.
  • Optional HR salary.