Archive December 2010

m-Fin reports run significantly faster under Cognos 10, so I am working on upgrade preparations.
m-Fin reports cannot yet select by Orgnode, however the Org select can be used as a work-around.

Select By Org - available now.

The "O" in FOPPS stands for "Org".  Orgs are the departments of CU such as 10167 -- CHEMISTRY and 20269 -- SOM-PEDS GENERAL OPERATIONS.
New versions of the 7 m-Fin reports have been migrated into Cognos QA. m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY and m-Fin SIMPLE SPEEDTYPE QUERY
  • UCDHSC 2x funds get ssq available balance method 8 instead of method 3 (ie. encumbs will be ignored).  This was requested by Shaun McMullin.
  • a bit faster.
  • accurate for 3x funds when crossing Fiscal Years.
  • option for whether to summarize or exclude prior data.
You can run directly to PDF instead of first to HTML and then switching to PDF.

m-Fin stands for "management financial."  m-Fin reports are