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Need to track budgets and payroll actuals for positions? Try the new report m-Fin POSITION BUDGET available for you to test in Cognos QA. [30-NOV-2013 This report is in production now.] This is our m-Fin replacement for FishNet's POSITION BUDGET REPORT. To help identify which position is which, it shows the current incumbent's name.
Getting frustrated trying to drill from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL?
Drills offered in m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL

    2. Revenues and expenditures change the values in this equation over time.
    This is the basics of accounting, and the basis of a new report, m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY. It's a one-line-per-speedtype kind of report that is good for auxiliary funds (2x funds) but can be used for other funds too. It has a few features particular to how things work at CU, as follows.
    This evening new versions of two m-Fin reports migrate from the Cognos QA environment to the Cognos production environment:
    1. m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL.  Optional page-by subgroups.
    The new m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY can display an Assets and Liabilities section conditionally, corresponding to whether the section would display in a run of m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY.  So when is that?  It is when either
    • the assets and liabilities are part of the available balance calculation, or